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How to Create $350 Google Adwords Threshold Account

Google Adwords is the best platform to get Targeted Audience because via it you will get Traffic, Leads, Conversions etc directly from Google Search Engine if you are running only "Search Campaigns" on Google Ads.

But, Google Ads Search Traffic is quite expensive in comparison to other platforms like Social, Pop, Native, Push etc. But, on the other hand we will also get satisfied results with the help of Google Search Traffic.

Suppose we are spending $200 and making the same figure in Adsense, CPA, Affiliate etc then we are just wasting our time. Because whatever we are putting on Ads we are getting the same figure as Output.

To cut this figure I am here on going to share a perfect way or method through which you can easily Create $350 Google Adwords Threshold Account.

Below I am going to share complete method through which you will be able to Make a Threshold account which you can use for anything like- Traffic on Website, CPA Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, App Download, YouTube Likes/ Views/ Subscribers etc.

NOTE-> This method is working fine for creating $350 Google Adwords Threshold Account in USA only as well as €290 Google Adwords Threshold Account in UK Only.

NOTE2-> I am not going to share the complete method because I don't want Google to shut this method, trick or way. That's why I am just mentioning highlighted points and Tools Names you need to use to create the Threshold Account.

#1. Blazing SEO LLC

Here you will get dedicated IP/Server. You need to get the Server of US or UK, depends upon you whether you want Euro Threshold Account or Dollars Threshold Account.

It will cost you $5 per Dedicated Server here. You can pick monthly plan also from this website.


Just Google this term and you will get another website which provides SMS Bypass or OTP services from around the world at very fair prices like 10 Cents, 15 Cents or 20 Cents depends upon the country you are choosing.

#3. Multi Login

This is a Software which you need to download on your PC which allows you to login Multi IPs at the same system it is same as RDP but safer than that in terms of creating the Google Adwords Threshold Account.

You will get 10 Days Trial of Multi Login account at Free of Cost after submitting Credit Card Details. You can also use Virtual Credit Card for this.

#4. Register a Domain Name + Custom Email Address

Now, you need to register a Domain name on which you want to run Google Ads. Please remember to create Custom Email Address for sure by using it you are going to create Google Adwords Account.

#4. Real Game Started

Now, using Blazing SEO on US IP via Multi Login Open Google and search for the term "Google Business" you will get Google's Official Advertisement on the top of the page. Click on that Ad and you will be redirected on the official website of Google Adwords where you need to Create an Account using your Custom Email Address. Now, verify your Account via Phone Number (Use Step #2). Fill the details accurately mentioned on Credit Card or VCC like Name, Address etc. Go to Billing Section of Google Adwords Account enter your Credit Card Details or VCC details and Add Mobile Number same at the time of verification of account.

Bingo, you will get $350 Google Adwords Threshold Account. Now, spend it wisely. Maybe you will face some errors like- Spending Issues, Account Suspended etc. I will write another Post on my blog to solve these issues.

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