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Arbitrage Method- Google Adsense & Adwords

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

We can buy traffic using Google Adwords and Earn Money Online using Google Adsense. Let's hunt down some Dollars using Google Adwords and Adsense.

Google Adsense & Adwords Arbitrage Method

I am doing Google Adwords & Adsense Arbitrage from a very long time and have already earned handsome money out of it. I was in Guwahati, Assam Last year in November from where I was ready to cheers up at NH7 Bacardi Music Event in Meghalaya when the owner of a Digital Marketing Company name Chrome Techny Networks Pvt Ltd called me to directly come to Agartala, Tripura. The owner of this company Paul Billygraham Reang is my friend and I told him about this method and showed my results then he hired me. And I'm still working with this company on Share Basis of net profit.

Why I'm Sharing Premium Formula to Make Money Online?

“I am into Digital Marketing from a very long time but, I never worked on Self-Branding which is very important if you are in this field. That's why I have created this Blog”

I know you are not so interested in reading about my personal life agendas. Well, I too hate this kinda thing on other blogs. So, I know the reality and mind set of a reader. Now, without wasting anymore words. I am presenting to you "Google Adsense & Adwords Arbitrage Method".

NOTE-> I am not writing this post for newbie bloggers or those people who have just entered into Digital Marketing field. This post is specially for those peeps who already have sound knowledge of Adsense and Adwords.

NOTE 2-> Google Adsense & Arbitrage method is one of the best and accurate method to start earnings on Internet. Where you just need to have a Adsense along with website and Of course a Google Adwords Account where you will run Ads for Traffic on your Adsense enabled website to make huge $$$$. Below I am sharing important noted along with experimental shits which will help you out learning more quickly than wasting money on running experiments after just reading this Post main Title.

#1. Find the Low PPC and High Search Volume Keywords

I Choose a Lazy Person to do hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.”

After reading the heading many of you must be thinking that I am going to write down shits about Search Engine Optimization kinda bullshit which is a time consuming and fucking lengthy process. But, I am not going to do that because don't have any plan to bore my audience on my very first Post on my Blog. Let me share a Keyword with you which will lead you towards the rough idea which will later explain the meaning of this heading.

"Vehicle Number Check", "Vehicle Number Plate Details", "Vehicle Owner Details Online" etc are the keywords with high search volume in any Country. I think in 2017 I had a website "" where I had Vehicle Information Tracking system or service built on .php language which allows user to Enter Vehicle Registration Number and then fetch the basic details about that particular number.

NOTE-> The bid Google Adwords showing is not the actual bid, you can start placing your Bid from 0.10 INR if you are not getting traffic on this bid then simply raise it by another 10 Paisa and so on. In this way you will get to know on which price the particular keyword is getting traffic from Google.

I am very lazy actually and there is famous quote of Bill Gates which is written above. Yeah, you got it, actually I don't believe in Investing Money now and getting ROI after couple of month or years. My motto is "Invest Now, Earn Now and Fucking Enjoy The Life". So, SEO is actually not my kinda stuff. That's why I picked Google Adwords itself to drive traffic on my this "Vehicle Tracking" website and also picked Google Adsense as an Advertiser which can pay me for Traffic. I hope now you have started getting what I am trying to explain.

#2. Now, Create a .php Website or WP Blog Site Related to The Keyword

Google Adwords traffic is purely real humans traffic if you are getting "Search Traffic" only because "Display Traffic" can have Bots via Apps or Website. So, I recommend you to run most of your ads via "Search Campaign" only. If, still you want to go for "Display Ads" then always remember to put the ads on selected website related to your keywords because you want only filtered audience related to your Keywords or the Service or Information you are providing on your website. In this way you will hold the Visitor on your website for a long time which means good Bounce Rate on Google Analytics or you can say good CTR on your Google Adsense Account.

Suppose you can't create a website on .php then simply start writing posts about this keyword with catchy Title like- "Top 5 Apps to Get Vehicle Information Online" "10 Best Websites to Check Vehicle Owner Details" etc.

#3. Place Google Ads on your Website

Placing Google Ads on a website in a good and accurate manner is the key to get high RPM, CPC and low CTR. I recommend you to check your competitors website also for this because they are using Google Adsense on their website from a long time and must have tested all the experiments of placing Ads.

Also, I suggest not to go for more 4-5 Ad Units on a website placing them as- Header, Top of the Post, Middle of the Post, End of the Post and Side Widget.

NOTE-> I remember that hardly I invested $4k on Google Adwords to Make this $14,953.12.

Final Words-

If reading above paragraphs still you don't get me then my friend you are probably a Noob in this field of Digital Marketing because its simple "Make a Website, Apply Ads on It Using Adsense, Run Ads on Google Adwords to Generate Instant Traffic on Your Website, Let the Arbitrage Begin".

NOTE-> If you want to learn more about Google Adsense and Adwords Arbitrage then I'm ready to help you out but not at Free of Cost because "Free ki Cheez ki Insan ko Kadar Nahi Hoti Hai". You can ping me at for any Business Queries.

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